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10 Features You Need on Your Website

Every business, big or small, needs a website. Having a social media presence is not enough! Having a website allows you to thoroughly explain your product/service, rank in Google with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so more individuals see your content, and give your business a professional presence. Below is a list of elements you should have on your website to make it most effective in helping your business to grow!

  1. Easy-to-Use Navigation Menu – Website visitors should easily understand how to navigate to the different pages in your website. You want your website visitors to have multiple pages/links they can explore and learn more about your business in.

  2. Testimonials Having testimonials on your website allows your future clients/customers to hear not just from you, but from others that what you offer is worth great value to them.

  3. Thorough description on your product/service Explain in simple terms the value your product /service provides. Why is it worth investing in? What will the customer/clients leave with that they didn’t have before? What results can you guarantee?

  4. High Quality Images (and video!) If you sell products, high quality photos and videos allow people to see the quality of your product and can explain how to use your product. For service businesses, you can’t always show the quality of your service through photos, but video can help explain the service experience to them. If you have low quality photos on your website, the consumer automatically interprets your product or service to be low quality as well. Make high resolution photos/ video a priority.

  5. Contact Information Make it easy for your web visitors to know how to contact you. Have a contact page on your website with your business phone number, address (if applicable), email, and a contact form for questions.

  6. Blog (SEO) Having a blog on your website allows you to better incorporate SEO to draw in more website visitors and increase your Google Ranking. More information on SEO can be found here.

  7. Links to your Social Networks Linking to your social networks will get more traffic to your social media pages, and will allow for your web visitors to have more of your content to explore.

  8. Good Web design + Cohesive branding Branding isn’t just logos, colors, and font. Brand is the voice and personality of your business. Incorporating your brand into your website allows customers to experience the feel of your business, making your business more memorable in their minds.

  9. Mobile Friendly Most people scroll through Social Media and Google on their phone nowadays. Thus, you can expect more than half of web visitors to be viewing your site on their mobile device. Make sure you design the mobile version of your site.

  10. Calls to Action One of the most important things you can have on your website is calls to action. What do you want someone to do as a result of scrolling through your site? Maybe you want them to fill out a contact form, subscribe to your blog/weekly emails, or click to listen to your podcast. Whatever it is, having multiple calls to action before they click “buy” can be an opportunity to build trust with your future clients/customers.

Some website builders you can use:

  1. Wix

  2. Squarespace

  3. Wordpress

  4. Weebly

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