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5 Tips for Creating a Business Instagram Account

One of the most common questions that new small business-owners ask is "How can I spread the word about my business?" One of the easiest and best ways to do so is creating a social presence for people to learn about and experience your product or service.

Read Below for 5 tips on how to create a successful business Instagram page.

Once you have created the Instagram account...

1) Make sure you're a business account. Go to settings and click "switch to professional account" then click "business." This will allow you to receive insights for your posts.

2) Create at least 9 posts to start. People want to follow an account they can see what kind of content they post. These 9 posts should help viewers understand what your product/service is, who you as the small business owner is, and what your brand is.

3) Have consistency in your posts. I mean this in two ways. Post regularly (3-5 times a week is usually a good amount) and create a theme in the look of your posts to create an aesthetic or "feel" of your account's posts. This is part of your brand. People like to follow accounts that have well-designed posts or pictures that are pleasing to the eye. Download VSCO or another photo editing app from the app store that allows you to apply presets (a consistant edit) on your photos! Download Canva a graphic design tool to design posts with words, logos, collages, etc!

4) Interact with users who you think would be interested in your product/service. Look at similar accounts to yours and see who follows them. For example, if someone is following a wedding venue, they may also be interested in a wedding photographer! Interacting with these accounts (following, liking posts, etc.) will make the user aware of your business and then allow them to interact with your account if they are interested.

5) Do a giveaway! Giveaways are a good way to get people to follow you, interact with your posts, and learn more about your product/service. Depending on your business, you can giveaway one of your products or your service. If not, give away something related to to your product/service. You want the giveaway to attract those that would be interested in your business! The requirements for giveaways are usually to have the user

1) Follow your account,

2) Like the giveaway post,

3) Tag 3 friends who also would be interested and

4) Oftentimes people will say "5 extra bonus entries if you share this post on your story and tag us!"

Having users share your giveaway post via tagging friends in comments and posting on their stories will allow your post to gain a wider reach, oftentimes resulting in more people following and engaging with your account.

NOTE: Having people follow your account is not the end-result, it's a step in the funnel process of your marketing and a way to educate people about your business.

Maybe those who don't win the giveaway can get 15% off their order if they buy/book you within 5 days, allowing your to gain more sales (a good idea would be to set a goal of how many people would need to purchase/book for your to break even vs. make a profit, and try to reach your goal.) Even if people don't take advantage of your deal, they now follow your account and as long as you post consistently, they'll keep your business in mind and may purchase/book in the future.

We hope this was helpful to all of your new business owners! If you have any other questions about creating a successful business Instagram or any other business questions, submit a question in our story so we know what to cover in the future!

WE Marketing Team

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