5 Tips to Receive More Engagement from Potential-Clients/Customers on Instagram

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Today we're introducing our new segment, "Education Monday" where we will be sharing information/tips regarding starting and running a business!

Our first topic is INSTAGRAM!

5 Tips to get more engagement for your business on Instagram:

1. Post vertical and square photos. You may not have thought about it, but posting vertical and square photos takes up the most screen space for those scrolling and seeing your posts. This allows your post to be more noticeable to your followers, allowing them to be more likely to notice and engage with your content!

2. Use an Instagram planner app! A few options are Facebook Creator Studio, Planoly, Preview, Plann, etc. This allows you to be able to plan your feed to keep it cohesive and looking good. People like following accounts that have a cohesive-look and aesthetic.

3. Plan captions ahead of time so you can have quality over quantity in your posts. Think about what value you are offering your customers/clients in your posts, rather than just posting to post. Go check out @goaldiggerpodcast ‘s episode 207 about batching your work. Spend a block of time just writing captions you can use for future posts!

4. Don’t repeat the same set of hashtags in consecutive posts. Hashtags allow your posts to be seen by those who don't follow you. However, some have made the mistake of writing out a pre-made list of hashtags that they use for every post. Although this seems efficient, Instagram will shadow ban your account if they think you’re acting unauthentic. This means your posts will only appear to those who already follow you, it can’t appear in any of the hashtag feeds you tagged. It can take several weeks to have a shadow ban lifted, so create a list of different sets of hashtags to use and shuffle through them!

5. Create opportunities for your followers to engage with your account. The Instagram algorithm works such that not everyone who follows you always sees your posts. When individuals engage with your account (like, comment, view your stories, etc.) the Instagram algorithm assumes this is an account the individual wants to see more of on their account, so it shows up more frequently compared to other accounts they don't interact with. Encourage individuals to engage with your account my creating polls on your story they can answer, and calls to action in your captions (e.g. like this photo if you relate! Comment below with an experience you've had with…etc.).

That's it for this week's Education Monday!

Tune in again next week for more tips on running a business!

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