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Feature Tuesday: Mckell Fillmore, Anxiety Life Coach

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Today we're starting a new segment: Feature Tuesday, where we will be featuring members of WE and their businesses!⁣⁣


Today's highlight is McKell Fillmore, who is a life coach specializing in anxiety (@palm.street and! She is from Glibert, Arizona and graduated from BYU in December 2017. ⁣⁣


Why She Became a Life Coach:

McKell has always been the kind of person who loves to help others work through their problems. Having her own anxiety surface during her teen years, she learned skills from a life coach that made her more aware and intentional about what she thinks about herself and her life. As she has watched herself improve over the years, she decided she wants to help others gain skills to take control of their anxiety rather than allowing it to control them. ⁣⁣


How She Started Her Business:

In February 2019, McKell started an Instagram and website for her life coaching business to share her messages with others! She attended various networking events where she connected with others and practiced pitching herself as a life coach (Imposter Syndrome when you're starting out is REAL!) In April 2019 she started the "Teen Life Coach" Podcast which now has 100,000 listens and over 160 positive reviews (WOW, GO MCKELL!!! 🎉). She is currently finishing up her certification through The Life Coach School (@thelifecoachschool) and is about to launch her new podcast "Relationship Anxiety" this month!⁣⁣


Her Biggest Tip to Those Wanting to Start a Business:

Don’t spend a lot of time overthinking your business. Pick an idea and go for it. We can waste so much time over analyzing and trying to make our business perfect from the start. Rather than trying to make your business A+, shoot for B+ work. Just start showing up in your business and getting stuff done. The more you fail, the closer you will get to what you want. ⁣⁣


Tune in next week for our next #wefeaturetuesday!!

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