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Member Highlight: Emily Anderson Morford

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hello, friends! This is kind of a cool and weird experience, because I’m the one who usually writes all the blog posts, and this one is meant to highlight myself as a member of WE.

So hi, my name is Emily Anderson Morford. I am a senior studying Communications with an emphasis in Journalism, and I’m minoring in Music.

I got married to my childhood best friend in August of 2020, and we are so happy. Our parents were best friends in college. We met the day he was born, and I was a month old. We were best friends growing up, but the key to our relationship working out was not talking during junior high and high school. Our first date was in high school, but we didn’t really start dating until after Harrison got back from his mission in 2019. That story is one of the cooler things about me.

I am interested in marketing, visuals, writing, music, and management. I have a podcast, which is why I initially went to a WE activity. I instantly fell in love with the club, and now I have the opportunity to be in the club’s leadership working on marketing.

My husband and I want to start a business in the future, but we aren’t 100% sure what kind yet. We’re planning on putting an Airbnb in our basement, but beyond that, we aren’t planning on pursuing real estate. Currently, my husband works in sales. He manages a lot of people, and I help with a lot of that. The company he is at allows him and me to create a lot of what we do and contribute new ideas, so in a lot of ways we are already strengthening our entrepreneurial muscles.

I love the Women in Entrepreneurship club because it gives women on campus an opportunity to connect with each other, learn from like-minded peers and mentors, gain the skills they need to start and maintain their own business, and understand research that can help them excel.

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