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WE Kickoff 2019

Our first WE event was inspiring and invigorating--girls left with excitement and motivation for their ideas! The room was PACKED to the max and we couldn't have been happier.

We heard and learned from four amazing women on our Executive Board: Heather Osmond, Christy Hair, Taunya Brown, and Heather Lamb. (Read more about our Executive Board and their stories on page "Meet Our Board".) These phenomenal women introduced themselves, explained their business journeys, then answered questions during our open Q&A. Girls asked questions about how to market their business; how to balance family, work, church, etc.; how to take a leap of faith in creating something new, etc.

Those in attendance took advantage of the free head shots and photo booth WE provided at the event, (after they made sure they didn't have any delicious Sweeto Burrito crumbs still on their face, of course)!

We are thrilled at how our first event turned out, and are getting ready for our next event on Tuesday October 29, 2019, our Ideation Workshop!

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