meet our student board

Look at the bios below to learn more about our WE student committee! Interested in joining the committee? We have spots open 1-2 times a school year and would love to have you join us. Why join the Student Committee? 

  • Awesome resume builder!

  • Make personal connections with our executive board

  • Strengthen your own entrepreneurship skills by planning content for monthly events

  • Have opportunities to lead 

  • Become part of a big sisterhood!


Annie Rees | Holladay, Ut | Public Relations

I'm graduating next semester in the School of Communications with a degree in public relations! Entrepreneurship to me is all about creativity and pushing beyond the limits. I am SO passionate about the WE program, because it allows us to network within a community that inspires us to dream big & work hard! Fun fact: there is nothing in this world that I love more than boating!


Carolyn connor | maryland | Strategic Management

I'm the WE Marketing Manager! For about 3 years I have run my own photo and video business specializing in weddings and brand advertising. I also create educational content for photography business owners and am expanding into creating online courses. I am so passionate about marketing and business strategy. I love to sing, play guitar, and one of my life dreams is to travel the world to create documentaries of different cultures.


Mikayla Cluxton | South Carolina | Pre-Business

I'm a Pre-business major I want to get a minor in Family History. Entrepreneurship has been a part of my life from the beginning. My family has always started their own businesses. I think I truly inherited that independent spirit from my dad. I just want to be able to change the world through things I am passionate about! I love the idea of creating something that is truly your own. I got my cosmetology license in High School! I absolutely love coloring and styling hair.


Samantha Horton | Nashville | Pre-Business

I'm a Pre-Business student – Marketing or Entrepreneurial Management (fingers crossed!!) I want to be a part of something totally unique and special to me. Entrepreneurship allows for creativity and passion in the modern workplace! The possibilities are truly endless. I love interior design & hope to start my own firm one day!


Rebecca Mijares | colorado | Commercial Music

I'm studying Commercial Music, not planning to do anything with music in the future, more focused on e-commerce and entrepreneurship. I love entrepreneurship because it allows me to design the life I want to live. I also love that there's no limit to what I can achieve. I run an e-commerce brand with my husband and love doing Facebook/IG ads! Also I am a big fan of Zumba, hiking, and skiing.


Hannah Anderson | Minneapolis | pre-Public Rel.

My major is Communications (I'm applying to Public Relations). I love the process of ideating, creating, and making a product or business come to life! I taught English in the Dominican Republic for 4 months last summer!


hannah allen | Las Vegas | marketing

My major is marketing! Entrepreneurship provides a way for me to develop and promote innovations that can help other people, and create positive social change! Fun fact about me, I love climbing!


Taylor Brittner | San Francisco | Economics

I'm studying Economics with a Spanish minor. I love entrepreneurship because it allows for creativity and freedom to make your life what you want it to be. When I worked at the BYU candy counter I got so good at measuring out fudge and candy, I learned how to identify different weights down to the quarter pound!


Afton Ellis | Alpine, Utah | entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship excites me because I like the thought of starting something that I'm passionate about and that other people appreciate as well, and seeing it take off. I'm very inspired by the podcast “How I Built This” with Guy Raz!

Random fact: I have vitiligo (white spots of skin on my body like Michael Jackson and that model Chantelle Brown/Winnie Harlow) AND I have an extra bone in my foot!


Johanna Arnegrad | Stockholm | Marketing

Growing up with a family business with factories and administration all around the

world I quickly learned to love how entrepreneurship can bring people together, help build better communities for individuals and take you on adventures beyond limits.


I love blue denim, you could almost call me a collector of Levis :)